How to Apply Sheep Tags

  1. Ensure loader/cutter is in locked position (at front of applicator).
  2. Hold FLEXITAGs as shown, holes to the left, pins downward.
  3. When beginning roll, make sure there is a gap between the first four FLEXITAGs.
  4. Roll FLEXITAGs up firmly. Bias the pins outwards to avoid jamming.
  5. Leave the last two FLEXITAGs unrolled.
  6. Slide the rolled FLEXITAGs into the drum.
  7. Depress the clamp A firmly. Slide tags out until location lugs are between the first and second tag.
  8. Squeeze lever and keep closed. The FLEXITAG is in the cutting position. Slide the loader/cutter fully back. The tag is now cut.
  9. Firmly slide loader to forward locked position. The FLEXITAG is now loaded.
  10. Release the lever, the FLEXIMATIC is now ready to apply the FLEXITAG.
  11. Select the optimum position on the ear for the tag. Squeeze lever firmly (keep lever closed). The FLEXITAG is now applied.
  12. With the lever still closed, repeat instructions (8) onwards.
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